Architect Paola Chiellino's Full Home Staging: a magical transformation

The nostalgic taste of a sustainable layout


via GB. Francino n.34 - Sant’Anna - Brescia

With an eco home staging in natural cardboard you have the power to transform any space into a welcoming and irresistible place for potential buyers. Architect Paola Chiellino, with her creative magic, has recently taken this concept to new heights with the realisation of an exceptional Full Home Staging project in a completely renovated 1980s flat.

Presenting an empty home with a slightly vintage feel that immediately captures the imagination of buyers is a fascinating challenge that requires flair and vision. Architect Paola Chiellino has masterfully met this challenge, finding a functional solution that has transformed the past into a modern, green opportunity.

Paola chose to use cardboard furniture to give this vintage flat a contemporary and sustainable touch. Natur Design’s home staging furniture is not only environmentally friendly, but also designed to fit into any environment and thus also capable of conveying a nostalgic atmosphere, recalling bygone times with a touch of innovation. The furniture elements were carefully selected to blend harmoniously with the aesthetics of the home in combination with other furnishings.

This mix of creativity and concreteness has made it possible to create a unique atmosphere that captures the essence of the residence’s history while offering an ambience more in line with the tastes of today’s public. This approach conveyed a message of sustainability and innovation, making the property irresistible to modern buyers looking for a home that embraces the past and the future.

Paola chose a Scandinavian Greenery style, with a colour palette dominated by Sage Green, Mustard Yellow and Earth Red, for the unique opportunity to create an engaging visual and emotional experience.

Scandinavian design is known for its simplicity, functionality and use of natural materials, and combined with the element of ‘Greenery,’ which refers to the integration of plants and greenery into the décor, it creates a relaxing and cosy atmosphere. Sage Green evokes a feeling of serenity and nature, while Mustard Yellow adds warmth and energy, balanced by Earth Red that lends depth and character.

The natural colours together with the cardboard furniture created a harmonious mix that transformed the space into an inviting refuge, conveying a sense of freshness, sustainability and comfort, elements that are often appreciated by potential buyers.

The design phase: when creativity and functionality harmonise

Paola set up an elegant and functional living area with a touch of sustainability. At the centre of attention is a cosy reading corner, where a cardboard armchair is adorned with cushions in natural fabrics, creating an oasis of comfort and tranquillity. The natural light filtering through the windows gently illuminates this space, inviting one to read and relax. On the other side of the living room, a three-seater cardboard sofa with an essential and modern structure stands as the main element. This sofa blends perfectly with its surroundings and offers a comfortable area for sitting and socialising. The empty wall has been transformed by a series of modular storage cubes, which not only add a decorative element, but also provide space for organisation and display of objects. Paola has shown how the creative use of cardboard can create a welcoming and sustainable space where form and function blend harmoniously.

The staging of the kitchen area is an example of classic and functional elegance. The modular kitchen of the Gioia series in natural cardboard has been carefully positioned to maximise the available space and create a cosy and inviting ambience. The cooking module and sink module have been strategically placed to ensure smooth and convenient meal preparation. The hood above the hob adds a modern and practical touch. A small peninsula with stools makes it possible to create a space for breakfast or an informal place for conversation while cooking. A drawer module with a service shelf provides space for utensils and crockery, while a column with a refrigerator and pantry provides easy access to food. The natural atmosphere is further emphasised by the use of natural cardboard, which lends warmth and character to the room. Despite its small size, this kitchen exudes a homely welcome and invites people to gather to share special moments in a space that combines classic design and modern functionality.

In the nostalgic feel of the house, a touch of authenticity was added by a printed cardboard washing machine, strategically placed in the niche in front of the bathroom. This element not only catches the attention of observers, but also gives a clear idea of the footprint that an appliance such as a washing machine would have in this space. It is a clever design detail that makes the home staging project more realistic and functional.

In the bedroom, a cardboard chest of drawers was included to add a natural and organisational touch. This chest of drawers not only offers storage space for personal belongings, but also contributes to a comfortable and sustainable atmosphere that permeates the entire home. In addition to the chest of drawers, a series of modular modules was used to simulate a small wardrobe, providing additional space for organising clothing and personal accessories. These modules are versatile and fit perfectly into the overall style of the house.

The addition of so many other details scattered throughout the house reflects the attention Paola has lavished on her Full Home Staging project, demonstrating how design can be used to transform an empty space into a dwelling that captures the imagination and offers practical solutions for everyday life.


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