Cardboard Furniture for an eco-friendly shopfitting

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Custom cardboard furniture with digital prints

Eco-friendly furniture for shops

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Eco-sustainable shop furniture

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Eco-sustainable shop furniture

Cardboard solutions

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Ecological design

Cardboard furniture to get noticed


Recyclable furniture

Eco-fittings for retail

Ecological furniture for shops

The furniture for cardboard shops gives the rooms a personality and an innovative design that do not go unnoticed. This is how store furniture becomes a means of communication: just a glance is enough to win customers, amaze them, make them remember your store and associate it with positive values such as environmental sustainability and recycling.

All cardboard retail furnishings are customized in shapes and enriched with prints of colors, logos, images and graphics to obtain a visual merchandising experience consistent with your marketing and branding strategies.

Thanks to the flexibility of cardboard we furnish shops in any sector and we are able to provide ideal solutions for all types of goods and services: we put at your disposal our creativity and professionalism to make your store truly unique, a place with a strong visual impact, modern and ecological

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Why furnish a store with cardboard furniture?

Design and customization

A store must excite to stand out, so we offer tailor-made ideas for retail set-ups that can amaze. Custom furniture based on the requests and needs of customers, because your store must be functional, but also best reflect the character and personality of your company.


Setting up a shop with cardboard will immediately communicate your attention to key issues such as ecology and environmental sustainability. Cardboard is known to everyone as a natural material: it is composed only of cellulose and natural starches of corn, potatoes, peas, etc. It is partly derived from recycled material and, at the same time, is 100% recyclable.

360° service

We support customers in the design of the store with particular attention to the exhibition needs. Through the use of high-resolution digital graphics, printed directly on cardboard, we better manage the needs of communication, visual merchandising and branding. We offer a turnkey service, also managing transport and assembly.

Get inspired

There are no limits to ideas and creativity: look at some examples of store furnishings that we have created and find ideas for the concept that suits you.

Environmentally friendly shop furniture

Discover in the catalog the offer of counters, displays, shelves, boiserie and other cardboard furniture for stores.  You will find many ecological furnishing solutions ready to use. For more information contact us and together we will set up your sustainable store.

Furniture for franchised stores

Cardboard solutions are ideal for furnishing a chain of points of sale because once designed they are easily replicable, even with modular structures.

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    Eco-furnishing solutions for shops

    We have an extensive catalog of environmentally sustainable furniture designed to set up functional and innovative stores. Click on the categories below to learn more and remember that one of our strengths lies in the “tailor-made” retail solutions, designed to meet the specific visual merchandising needs that customers require of us.

    Whether they are in the window or not, put the products in the right light

    The counter is the business card of your store

    Customize the walls of your store

    The solid basis on which to make a quote to customers

    Small support points of great impact

    Make your customers comfortable with chairs, armchairs and stools

    Modular, customizable and extremely resistant

    Wines, beers and spirits have never had such a beautiful home

    Accessories to beautify your store with a green touch

    If you have not found what you were looking for or you are looking for some ideas, contact our team and we will be able to advise you on the most effective solutions to set up a successful eco-sustainable store.

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