The ecological finishes of cardboard furniture: glass, cork &...


Most of our cardboard furniture can be finished, on request, with other materials that give a particular aesthetic effect or guarantee specific functions. Let’s analyze all the finishes available for our ecological furnishings.


Obviously we can only start from the main material with which we work: the cardboard we use is solid and aesthetically pleasing, it certainly gives an idea of sustainability, as it is known that it is 100% recyclable. “Virgin” cardboard is characterized by its natural color, the classic Havana. Obviously for aesthetic reasons it is also possible to request white cardboard finishes, or even use the two alternating colors. The cardboard finishes can be customized with “tailor-made” and waterproofed graphics and prints (during printing, or through special paints that maintain the natural color).



Finishing planes

We have seen that cardboard is super durable, but there are some applications of use that require other materials for a more functional yield. The counter of a break area, the coffee table of a bar, or even a desk can certainly be more effective and durable if covered with particular finishes that give a particular aesthetic touch, or avoid for example greasy or ink stains, resulting particularly simple to clean. That’s why our cardboard furniture can be finished with tops in laminate, cork, or glass (etched or transparent). There are no limits to the combinations, and the effects of the composition are often surprising and beautiful to look at. So for any doubt contact us and we will be happy to offer you our advice.



Etched glass

Transparent glass


Our cardboard seats have a design designed specifically to ensure maximum comfort, but to make the relaxing break even more satisfying it is advisable to combine them with upholstery. Our product line can be completed with elegant écru color cushions made of 100% cotton and with padding in 40 density foam material.


As always, we would like to emphasise that NaturDesign Cardboard Furniture is a company that is modern in its technology, but absolutely handcrafted in its approach. Our strength lies in the great ability to customize: our staff is always ready to listen to the needs of customers, listening to their specific needs and developing together tailor-made projects that fully meet expectations. So, whatever your idea, do not hesitate to contact us and we will find a way to realize it with you!

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