The mission of cardboard furniture: making design and furniture sustainable


The eco-sustainable objectives of Cardboard Furniture

The goal we set ourselves is to offer innovative furnishings that respect human health and have the least possible impact on the environment. All without ever sacrificing the requirements of ergonomics, durability and practicality.


We aim to be a leader in the field of ecological furniture, convincing an increasingly wide audience about the qualities of cardboard solutions. We want to develop an even more complete catalog of furniture, remaining at the forefront in the use of materials and production technologies of excellence.


Mobili in Cartone creates innovative solutions for the furnishing of exhibition, work and living spaces. The materials used and the technologies adopted mix with each other creating functional and durable products, whose innovative design is combined with the reduction of the environmental impact given by the use of recyclable cardboard .

A production based on the use of natural and recyclable materials creates a concrete contribution towards a development with low environmental impact, an objective pursued by our company that tries to give design solutions by reconciling ecological and economic coexistence. Our priority is to create home furnishings, commercial spaces, etc. that respect the environment and the health of the people who use these spaces, reducing to zero emissions of formaldehyde, toxic substances and heavy metals.

The attention to the protection of the environment pushes our company in search of ecological solutions, from the choice of natural raw materials to the control of the supply chain up to the environmental impact of production. 100% recyclable and biodegradable , our furnishings convey at a glance a pleasant impression of naturalness and immediately express the ecological commitment of those who designed them and, of course, of those who use them. Even any finishing materials, such as glass and MDF, are chosen respecting all the criteria of eco-compatibility and low environmental impact.

Too often, without knowing it, we surround ourselves with furniture and objects that are harmful because they contain chemicals, sometimes toxic substances, even carcinogenic. Radically reduce the passive intake by our body of harmful substances is possible, and it is highly advisable to stay healthy!

Cardboard is a natural and environmentally friendly material that does not contain chemicals or other dangerous additives.

Ecological transport

The transport of furniture and furnishings has been designed to ensure maximum savings to the user and minimum impact on the environment. The packaging of our furniture is made of ecological material and has a small volume, so both delivery and logistics are cheaper than similar products.

All elements travel disassembled, ensuring reduced space for transport and a consequent saving of resources.

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