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NaturDesign Cardboard Furniture offers a wide range of solutions for furnishing the break area with a touch of design and attention to sustainability: starting from coating structures for vending machines up to the products of furnishings for Ho.Re.Ca (Hotel, Restaurant and Cafeteria) and OCS (Office Coffee Service), all NaturDesign products for the vending world are made of cardboard, an environmentally friendly material that allows customisation of products in all aspects, from shapes to graphics.

We base our production on the use of modern technologies and the use of natural and recyclable materials, creating products that respect human health and that do not pollute the environment. The goal is to propose natural furnishings thatmeet the requirements of ergonomics and practicality.  We use only FSC certified cardboard, that is, coming from correct forest managementOur products are made from 30% recycled material and 100% of the material is recyclable. Compared to traditional wooden furniture, we consume about 80% less cellulose and 80% less energy for processing. We have zero formaldehyde emissions and minimum values of chemical agents used. 

New solutions for 2023 

We are constantly looking for innovative materials and technologies that give concrete answers to your needs. We offer design solutions functional, with a strong visual impact and able to communicate your commitment to sustainability.

Quick and easy installation

One of the characteristics that distinguishes our structures is the simplicity of installation. Each structure is mounted with interlocking systems without the use of tools.

The simplicity of the system means that the installation can also be performed by unqualified personnel, in a very short time. Even during installation, modifications such as saws and punctures for the passage of wires and pipes can be made.

All processes are simple with easy and undemanding transport, assembly and possible disassembly.

Our products for vending

Vending machines wrap made of cardboard

We create coating structures for vending machines, customized and with a strong visual impact. Simple, effective and ecological solutions that will make the refreshment area a pleasant and healthy place, where you can spend a relaxing break. We offer multiple solutions to meet the various technical and graphic requests both standard and completely customized. The front panels are valid advertising and promotional vehicles, perfect for branding: here you can insert logos and images and, if necessary, they can be easily replaced.


Separate collection systems

Differentiating waste today is a fundamental aspect and there is nothing worse than resorting to a chaos of unsightly bins. The solutions we propose solve functional and space problems and, at the same time, have a strong visual impact on customers. Column differentiators are very compact solutions and can also be placed inside the cladding structures. They maintain a graphic continuity and therefore visually are very well coordinated to the structure. The containers have stain-resistant surfaces and are easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Differentiators are printed from a range of standard images, or they can be customized with images and logos on request. The choice of how to separate the waste must be customized by you according to the needs of the municipality.

Furniture for OCS and HO.RE.CA

NaturDesign presents a line of ecological furniture for both OCS and with multiple solutions to meet all your needs. You will have the possibility to insert doors, drawers and waste modules, so that everything is tidy. The compositions can be customized, both in size and graphics, creating ideal furnishing solutions for any environment. They allow you to accommodate machinery of various sizes and equipment such as coffee machines, water dispensers, microwaves, stoves, etc.


Furniture for break areas

Simple lines and rational volumes connote innovative, original and captivating shapes, without losing functionality. Expression of creativity for get noticed by conveying their green philosophy that more and more companies share.NaturDesign creates highly ecological furniture made of 100 per cent recycled and recyclable material with up to 80 per cent less raw material and energy compared to conventional furniture.

Furnishing for company canteens

If you want to transform your canteen or company canteen into a sustainable and highly functional space, our new canteen furniture line is designed to meet your every need. From tables at chairs, from multi-purpose modular furniture to vending machine covers, our solutions are all coordinated and fully customisable. The furniture is made of solid natural cardboard and covered with a patented protective film that reproduces the finish of wood in different woods, thus guaranteeing strength, durability and an elegant appearance. Invest in the green future of your company, choose canteen furniture made 100% in Italy and entirely recyclable. We listen to your ideas, understand your needs and are ready to work with you to create a unique and functional space that reflects your company’s vision.

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