Cardboard floor/countertop displays and eco design totems

Cardboard displays

Do you want to be special? Present yourself in an unusual way! The focus on environmental issues is more relevant than ever and can completely change customer sentiment towards a brand. If you believe in sustainability , join the green revolution and choose to present your products with cardboard displays with an innovative design: the structural details are left partially exposed to highlight the ecological aspect of the product.

Porola B

Porola B is a floor cardboard display with 4 display compartments: it can be customized with high quality digital prints and can be integrated with a lighting system with low energy consumption LED spotlights


Custom cardboard displays

In the catalog we have a wide range of cardboard displays for floor, bench, modular, double-sided, modular… a complete offer to meet any presentation need. In addition to these “standard” products we are able to create ecological, beautiful and excellent structural quality custom-made displays . Create your own customized solution and stand out in the eyes of customers thanks to an original and innovative design and an ecological and sustainable appearance. Tell us your idea and we will help you realize it!


Cardboard displays: prices and details

Visit our online store and you will find many ideas and all the information you were looking for about our cardboard displays. And if you had a different solution in mind, do not hesitate to contact us: we will design your personalized display together.

Discover all the cardboard displays

To make our offer clearer,we have collected all the ecological solutions for the exhibition in a single dedicated page. Otherwise you can consult the products in the catalog of cardboard furniture available by clicking the button below:


Why choose cardboard displays?


Green Character

Sustainable and low environmental impact solutions,
built with 100% recycled and recyclable material: our cardboard displays convey a pleasant natural feeling, thus expressing the ecological commitment to production. They do not require the use of glues and chemical agents, thus avoiding the emission of toxic and harmful substances, such as formaldehyde.

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Design and customization

We think that the best way to develop an effective exhibitor is to confront the customer to identify his needs and consequently create a product that is functional for the purpose. High, low, modular, flashy or minimal: create with us an exhibitor that offers the right combination of design, practicality and customization.


Simplicity, Speed, Lightness

Thanks to the lightness of the cardboard and the extreme simplicity of the construction systems, our displays can be shipped in assembly kits, reducing volumes and weights in transport. All of them are designed to be easily assembled and disassembled several times, without the use of glues or tools. Create solutions for any display of products: light or heavy, large or small, agile or bulky, both for permanent and temporary exposures .


Customized cardboard display portfolio

Our bespoke eco-friendly displays set no limits to your imagination, as you can see from these examples

Companies that already use eco-friendly cardboard displays
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Natural material

Cardboard furniture is 100% recyclable


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