Bespoke display stand in the shape of a sustainable hotel counter

Bespoke counter Hotel BB

Display with an original shape for sustainable promotion

Hotel BB G. Marconi, 3 Sant'Agata li Battiati

Hotel BB
Hospitality Solution

For hotel BB, we created a customised display that doubles as a reception desk, an original and sustainable way to promote your corporate image.

More and more companies are looking for original ideas through which to establish and grow the relationship between brands and consumers. Instead of highlighting a single product or service, companies through marketing activities seek to promote the brand as a whole, and they do this through the use of visual media that reflect the brand’s values and style. The aim is to increase the visibility and value of the company.

This is why we designed a customised display for the company Hotel BB in the province of Catania in the shape of a reception desk with the intention of grouping multiple functions in a single form. It is first and foremost a display with the function of showcasing the company’s services through the activities of its staff and illustrative brochures placed in the appropriate slots. The reception counter shape also gives an immediate idea of the nature of the hospitality service and consequently makes it easier to promote it.

The display was shaped in soft rounded forms by joining vertically positioned natural cardboard panels to leave the internal structure visible and achieve a natural effect. Finally, the entire display was printed with the company’s colours and logo on the front panel.


Natural material

Cardboard furniture is 100% recyclable


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360° design

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