Ecological furniture: why cardboard furniture is environmentally sustainable

The most eco-sustainable furnishing solution

Why is cardboard considered one of the most environmentally friendly materials for building furniture? Let’s find out together!

Producing furniture with a low environmental impact

This is our challenge and cardboard allows us to produce furniture minimizing energy costs and the consumption of raw materials. All with particular attention to the circular economy, given that all our furniture is 100% recyclable and compostable. But that’s not all…

Natural material

Cardboard is a clean raw material, free of glues that emit formaldehyde and composed essentially of cellulose and natural starches. Compared to a traditional wooden furniture requires 80% less cellulose to be made. We buy cardboard from FSC certified supply chains that produce it using 30% recycled material.

Waste recycling

During production, unfortunately, it is not possible to use 100% of the processed cardboard, but no problem! We collect the resulting cardboard to send it to a specialized plant that will reduce the material to a minimum volume and then be able to reintroduce it into the production phase of the paper mills.

Energy saving

Cardboard is not only 100 per cent recyclable, it also brings considerable advantages in terms of energy savings: on average, 80 per cent less energy is consumed in the production phase and, as it is a light and compact material, there are also considerable savings in transport and logistics.


Ecological furniture finds its best expression thanks to cardboard. And this is testified by numbers that clearly show how design and sustainability can best develop together.

Decades of experience

In 2013 we started our adventure as Nardi Mobili in Cartone and since then we have experimented a lot: at the beginning it was difficult because we were working on a largely unexplored concept , but now, thanks to more than ten years of know-how , we are able to manage cardboard-based furnishing and fittings projects like no other company. We have focused heavily on research and development and now have a treasure trove of solutions that allow us to go beyond the idea of cardboard furniture from which everything started. Indeed, our vision is to set no limits to creativity and to realise customised and complex designs that exploit the full potential of cardboard.

Soundproof and healthy environments

Furnishing a room with cardboard brings various benefits, not least the possibility of creating environments designed for the comfort and well-being of those who live in them. Triple-wave cardboard has a natural regulating effect on room humidity and is also able to positively influence the acoustics of a room, thanks to its sound-absorbing properties. Ideal virtues for shop or office fittings. But that’s not all: it is a material that does not emit formaldehyde or any other toxic agents (even in its printed version, thanks to modern, certified technology).

Durable furniture

It is easy to see how our furniture solutions are 100% recyclable, while many are unaware that they are designed and manufactured with the ambition of being an alternative to traditional furniture. We have never been interested in the concept of ‘disposable’, we have always invested in developing products that guarantee satisfactory long-term durability performance. To do this, we offer a unique mix of high-quality materials (our base is 14 mm triple-wave panels, thickness doubled or tripled if necessary to guarantee a structure capable of withstanding exceptional load-bearing capacities), deluxe finishes (water-repellent films, laminate, cork, dibond or tempered glass), state-of-the-art technology and professional design.. And if by some unfortunate chance some component gets damaged before its time, thanks to the modular design we can easily replace it without having to remove the entire product.

The strengths of NaturDesign cardboard furniture

What are the advantages of choosing eco-friendly furniture? Easy, you can count on a product of excellence in design and innovation and with the guarantee of meticulously thought-out solutions, right down to the details.

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