Flower display for Vice Srl

How to use cardboard communication media to exhibit sustainability


Via Fratelli Cervi, 25 31020 Villorba

Flower displays to give sustainable value to your communication? It is a clever way of conveying a message through a tangible medium.

Vice Srl is an Italian company specialising in the research, production and distribution of industrial chemical auxiliaries. The long experience gained over the years, supported by the constant and tireless research work of the company’s in-house laboratory and the continuous work of highly specialised technicians, has enabled the company to position itself as a benchmark in the paper and cardboard market in Italy. Furthermore, Vice stands out for its support of environmental policies by providing more and more eco-friendly, green and low impact chemicals.

To promote their commitment and reinforce their brand value, the company asked us to create customised displays that would act as a visual support to their sustainability message. And what could be more natural and sustainable than a cardboard flower? We thus created a display consisting of a cube-shaped base on which the company’s logo and pay-off were printed, from which a symbolic flower was created. Four cardboard blades shaped and crossed form the leaves of the flower anchored to the stem. At the top of the stem, the shaped petals open around a centre on which the claim has been printed. The flower was left unprinted in natural cardboard to emphasise the sustainability and quality of the company’s products for the paper and cardboard industry.

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