Lisa Petersen's Ecological Staging for Chic Residences

Transforming rooms with demonstration cardboard furniture

Residenza il Giglio

Interior Designer Lisa Petersen demonstrates how chic residences can be created with eco-friendly staging using cardboard furniture from Natur Design.

Lisa tells us that when designing an interior design for private residences, the approach to the work is very different from other projects because you have to take into account the tastes, desires and preferences of potential customers. We usually start with a neutral base that can be adapted to any environment and style and then play around with the details and furnishings that colour the atmosphere and fill the space by simulating the clutter of real furniture. The layout that was realised in this city residence with its linear and modern architectural style took into account a not exactly large but very bright floor space by adopting a simple but chic style.

The living area was set up using a white cardboard kitchen from the Lia line to give the effect of a dynamic and trendy staging suitable for a young target group of potential customers. The modular modules of our cardboard kitchens allow the creation of effective and functional staging centred on room volumes. Lisa also included a cardboard table to complete the family atmosphere of the living area. The decorative stylistic choice then fell on a palette of pastel colours that set off the white of the furniture, giving it brightness contrasted by large prints on the wall in darker colours to give the room character. The living area continues in the living room furnished with cardboard sofas with a bare frame enlivened by soft cushions. Moving on to the sleeping area we find a spacious and functional built-in wardrobe and the bedroom furnished with a bed frame with a rounded headboard.

Cardboard solutions for home staging are not only sustainable but provide a useful basis on which to build the style of a location. Just change the complements or colours and the whole environment is transformed without having to change everything. This is why our proposals are highly appreciated by home stagers, as well as being light, functional and decorative.

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