Homestaging living area by Karin Signorini

Communicating comfort and relaxation with cardboard sofas and armchairs

Homestaging in Busto Arsizio (Varese)

Karin Signorini

Karin Signorini is an experienced real estate agent with a great talent for enhancing the value of properties for sale that her clients entrust to her. Recently he created a homestaging set-up to give warmth to the living area of a house for sale that could not attract customers. Thanks to Natur Design’s cardboard home staging furniture, Karin was able to transform the coldness of the empty room into a cosy and warm environment. Specifically, a cardboard sofa and two armchairs were used, again with a minimalist design in white. To give a touch of life to the seats we thought of the decoration of the scene, with cushions, blankets and carpets dosed effectively for a realistic effect.


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