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How to successfully fit out a home for sale with environmentally friendly cardboard furniture

La Vie en Rose

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Paola Chiellino is an esteemed architect and talented home stager working in the province of Brescia. For her ‘La Vie en Rose’ project, Paola chose our natural cardboard solutions for home staging, with which she successfully enhanced a country home, thus securing a sure sales success.

Dressing a house for a potential buyer is never an easy task. The task of a home stager is to create a real marketing strategy that appeals to the emotions of customers and the only weapon at his disposal is imagination, talent and the choice of the right accessories that will impress the buyer right away. In this case, it was a matter of setting up a renovated country house by recreating romantic atmospheres without weighing down the modern lines of the building.

In this project, Paola was able to find the right style match by setting up elegant and charming rooms. The spacious living area, white and airy, has been fitted out using a Lia kitchen with a straight, modern line that gives the right perception of clutter. On the wall adjacent to the large window, two modules have been placed to simulate the dimensions of the refrigerator and oven column, and these are followed by those simulating the hob including hood and other shelves. A large island with a large countertop and sink was placed in front of the cooking block composition, and high stools were placed around it. A large white natural cardboard dining table with four chairs was placed against the back wall. The scenic effect was finally perfected with the addition of furnishings in the soft, romantic colours of pink and a touch of black to give contrast and character to the room. The harmony between the white colour of the rooms, the colour of our ecological furniture broken up by the natural finish of the cardboard, and the nuance of the bleached oak of the parquet flooring was the strong point of the entire set-up. The feeling of benevolent welcome and genuine serenity is the goal that perhaps Paola wanted to create and which she certainly achieved with this staging.

Cardboard furniture for Home Stagin: the ideal solution for your sales strategies.

If you want to set up successfully while saving time and money, our demonstration home staging proposals are the right ally for your sales strategies.

They are all solutions designed and realised on the basis of the functional and organisational needs of home stagers, capable of adapting to any environment. Our furniture is all designed in modules that can be easily assembled and modularised to create any composition and cover various dimensions of space without the use of additional accessories. They are sustainable because they are made from a material obtained from recycled raw materials and are completely recyclable. Homestay furniture is made from cardboard panels of a suitable thickness to make them robust and moisture-resistant. They are easy to assemble thanks to interlocking solutions and light to transport without the need for special equipment.

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