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Home Philosophy’s real estate home staging is not just a marketing strategy, it is the art of creating emotions through well-thought-out staging to finalise a successful sale.

The real estate agency Home Philosophy has a lot of experience in real estate sales, and it is precisely this experience that it draws on each time to create scenes that can inspire and convey the right weight of emotion to encourage customers to consider buying the proposed property. All this is done with full knowledge, knowing upstream not only the mechanisms of the real estate market but also the Home Staging strategies correctly studied and transmitted to others by the agency’s Academy, a successful contest brilliantly organised and managed by Francesca Greco and her team. Creativity, professionalism and experience are the basis from which the entire Home Philosophy team starts out, each adding their own experience along the way for successful proposals that leave their mark.

An example of this are these photos, which show how a well-done study of the rooms can become a tailor-made solution.

The living area can become a bright spot in the home, inviting and discreet at the same time, if furnished with the right colours and the right furniture. In this case, bright or dark colours were chosen to harmonise the room and create a nice contrast with our living room furniture kits. The kitchen is the focal point of any home, no matter what size it is, there is always the ideal layout that can be created to enhance the room. With the modules of our Gioia kitchen, the task becomes much easier, due to the ease with which the modules can be put together, the classic and essential style, and the sustainability of the solution we offer. And finally the sleeping area, cosy and intimate, the sensations that this area of the house should arouse. Our sleeping area kits offer the possibility to furnish these rooms synergistically with a few well-designed pieces. Beds, bedside tables, wardrobes, all easily transportable and assembled pieces that give a natural atmosphere to spaces.

Research, experience and attention to the needs of the sector’s operators have enabled us to develop functional solutions for the Home Staging capable of enhancing the value of properties for sale with little and with taste.


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