Cardboard exhibition booth furniture: beautiful & eco-friendly
Exhibition booth furniture

Exhibition booth furniture


Trade show booth furniture is an important aspect to consider for any exhibitor attending an exhibition event. An attractive and functional design of furniture can make the difference between a successful trade show and a disappointing experience.

How to choose exhibition booth furniture?

Let's explore together the factors to consider when furnishing an exhibition booth,current design trends, and best practices for creating a successful visitor experience. Before you start choosing furniture for your booth, it is important to define your goal for that particular event. There are many reasons to attend a trade show, including improving brand awareness, acquiring new customers, selling products, collecting leads and meeting potential business partners. Or even a mix of some of these reasons. Depending on the target audience, you will choose a furniture that fits the target audience and the company's business.

Once the goal has been established, you can start choosing furniture for the booth. A common design trend in recent years has been to use minimalist and modern furniture. This type of decor can work well if the brand has a contemporary image and you want to attract younger customers. However, if the target customers are more mature audiences, more classic and traditional furnishings can be chosen.
One of the key factors to consider when choosing exhibition booth furniture is functionality. Trade show booths often have limited space and must be able to accommodate a variety of activities such as presenting products, meeting with customers and collecting leads. Therefore, it is important to choose furniture that is multifunctional and take up little space. For example, one might consider using vertical shelving to display products instead of bulky tables.

Another important consideration in furnishing an exhibition booth is the brand visibility. It is important that the logo and branding be clearly visible. This can be achieved through the use of promotional materials such as banners, illuminated signs, and graphics on the furniture itself. In addition, it is important that the decor of the booth is in line with the brand image , so as to create a consistent brand experience for the visitor.
In addition to choosing the appropriate decor, it is also important to think about the activities that will take place within the booth. For example, if you plan to host presentations or product demos, you should include a dedicated area for these events. In addition, if you plan to meet many potential clients, it is worth including comfortable seating and support tables , as well as small bar corners.
Exhibition booth furniture has found cardboard to be the ultimate innovative material.
Cardboard is gaining more and more popularity for its many qualities: it is eco-friendly , inexpensive, lightweight and versatile.

Cardboard in exhibition booth furniture: a smart choice

Cardboard furniture for exhibition booths is becoming a popular choice mainly because of its sustainability . Cardboard is a material biodegradable and recyclable , which means it is environmentally friendly. In addition, the cardboard is partially produced using recycled materials, further reducing its ecological footprint. Another reason why cardboard furniture is a smart choice for exhibition booths is its affordable price. Cardboard is an inexpensive material compared to other furniture options such as wood or metal, especially when considering it as a reusable material. In addition, because the cardboard is lightweight, it can be easily transported and assembled by one person, reducing logistics and labor costs. In addition to its sustainability and affordable price, cardboard furniture also offers a wide variety of applications. Cardboard can be used to create shelving, product displays, chairs, armchairs, tables, partitions and many other elements of furniture. In addition, the carton can be easily customized with the company's logo and graphics to promote the brand effectively.

One of the latest trends in cardboard furniture for exhibition booths is the use of origami-shaped structures. These structures are made by folding cardboard into complex geometric shapes, creating an eye-catching and unique design. In addition, these structures are often modular and can be easily disassembled and reused in other contexts.
Cardboard furniture for exhibition booths is highly customizable. The cardboard can be easily painted or colored to match the theme or colors of the brand represented. In addition, the cardboard can be cut into multiple shapes and designs to create a unique and memorable brand experience for the visitor.
The catalog dedicated to exhibition booth furniture from NaturDesign Cardboard Furniture offers lots of ready-to-use solutions, but the company also provides the turnkey service, starting with the design (with special attention to exhibition and image needs), managing the assembly and disassembly of the booth and also proposing a storage service of the same, in order to be able to reuse it, with appropriate modifications, in subsequent events.

NaturDesign Cardboard Furniture's proposal for trade show booth furnishings is wide-ranging: flashy, beautiful and extravagant, or minimalist furniture with great impact.

In any case, these are attention-grabbing items with a high level of customization while maintaining low costs. In addition, NaturDesign - Cardboard Furniture also offers the possibility of enhancing a pre-equipped booth by integrating a highly customized cardboard set-up, as was done with NIS (Natural Ingredients Solution) at the Sana Fair in Bologna.

Due to the versatility of cardboard, exhibition booth furnishings are easily reusable, as happened In the case of CyrusOne, for which a cardboard booth for the Datacloud Global Congress was curated. (inside the Grimaldi Forum in the Principality of Monaco); disassembled and stored in the company, after a few months, the same furniture for the same company was reused in Frankfurt am Main in the setting up of a lounge bar for the German Data Centers Conference.
In the light of these concrete experiences, it is certainly safe to say that the use of cardboard in exhibition booth furnishings is not only an environmentally sustainable choice, but also an absolutely innovative one!

Stand Cyrus one a Monaco

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