Emotional Staging and cardboard furniture to enhance real estate value

Homestaging by Ilaria Donzelli of EmotionalStaging

Carefully choosing details and materials: cardboard furniture conquers the scene

Homestage in Como

Ilaria Donzelli

Ilaria Donzelli’s Home Staging interventions are studied in detail: this means that behind each photo hides a complex work, made of small choices, from materials to furnishings, passing through textiles and decorations. At the base there is a special care of the houses set up, which consequently becomes a care of the possible customers who will live these premises. In the photos above the homestaging of the room included several cardboard furniture for demonstration use: in the living area you can see the sofa and the cardboard sofa that recreate the comfort of a living room with a high rate of relaxation. The kitchen is equipped with a sink module and a stove module of the Lia line, positioned opposite each other. Finally, in the sleeping area, a cardboard chest of drawers gives an elegant touch to the room. The apartment is located in the province of Como and the photo shoot was used as a sample for the sale of 4 other rooms similar in characteristics and square footage, all located in the same building. Our proposals are intelligent, sustainable and functional solutions for successful home staging.

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