Homestaging realization with cardboard furniture by Homing studio

Homestaging by Homing Studio

Cardboard furniture looks best in Alice Baronio's beautiful photos

Homestaging in Milan

The Homing studio is located in Masate, just outside Milan. Behind this name are the talent and expertise of Sara Gilardelli and Daniele Barcella. For years this dynamic duo of architects has been helping those who need to sell their homes by providing a great knowledge of property marketing and creating targeted and effective home staging. To their great ability to reinvent and enhance properties for sale they often combine the art of Alice Baronio, a talented photographer able to capture all the magic of a staging in her shoots. In the photos above we can appreciate the fundamental role of cardboard furniture in creating effective and exciting staging. We can appreciate the cosiness of the Gioia cardboard kitchen, characterised by its classic lines. And the effect of the cardboard armchairs and sofas used to furnish the spacious open-plan living room is truly remarkable. The tables and coffee tables chosen are also very effective in creating a realistic and warm ambience. Effective and impressive home staging with our eco-friendly solutions.


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