Chiara Manto the charm of designer home staging with eco furnishings

Architect Chiara Manto and the advantages of Design Home Staging

The charm of sustainable furniture in natural cardboard

Architect Chiara Manto


It’s easy to say Home Staging, but how to do it with charm and style? This is demonstrated to us by our own Chiara Manto, an architect and interior designer who sees her talent as the key to successful installations.

With her vast experience in architectural design and interior design, Chiara works as a freelance consultant without neglecting her role as coordinator of the Home Staging Specialisation Course at the European Institute of Design in Rome.

And it is precisely in the capital that Chiara has realised this romantic and stylish layout by setting up the kitchen and living room area with natural cardboard home staging furniture designed by Natur Design.

Chiara harmonised the interior starting with the arrangement of the furniture, taking into account the natural light entering the flat. The soft colour palette that has been chosen enhances the white of our furnishings, made even more dazzling by the gold details that Chiara has managed to insert, creating a combination of charm and design.

The kitchen is always the area to which most attention is paid during a demonstration set-up, and it is also the most complex to realise because in reality this is the room most experienced and felt, it is the hub of family life. On this occasion, our Gioia model was used to furnish the enclosed and not-so-spacious kitchen. It is a modular solution with classic and elegant lines that allows spaces to be composed with a certain versatility, creating dynamic and functional environments. In this specific case, the hob module, sink and a worktop that fills the wall, complete with hood, were used.

The soft style chosen for the rooms continues in the living area where a lounge has been set up with bare-frame cardboard sofas strategically placed in front of the window adorned with a white curtain down to the floor. The balance of details, light and colours is what made this realisation warm and welcoming, ready to describe the emotions that new buyers will feel when experiencing these rooms.

Be inspired by our sustainable proposals designed for home staging. Simple, functional and effective.


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