Sara Deodato and the eco-style hoimestaging that enhances space

The total white style of Sara Deodato's Home Staging

How to highlight space with an ecological set-up


Via del Lazzaretto

Architect Sara Deodato created a home staging for the Gabetti Zanardi real estate agency in which she demonstrates how the choice of colours and the right accessories can enhance the space of a house for sale.

The first step in setting up a property with the Home Staging techniqueand achieving success is to identify its potential and highlight it with imagination and taste. Sara managed to minimise the not-so-abundant space of this flat by exploiting its brightness, choosing light colours and a few well-centred pieces of furniture for an ecological and minimalist style with a modern and functional effect.

The living area of this property with a very contemporary architectural concept is divided into a kitchenette and living room. The kitchenette has been fitted out with our Gioia model kitchen, which with its modular solutions offers the possibility of composing the space and adapting to any environment. For this occasion, the hob module was chosen together with several countertops placed on the wall adjacent to the window. A cardboard table with chairs was placed in front of the kitchen furniture, separated from the living area by a half-wall. The large and bright living room was instead furnished with a large corner sofa made of cardboard with a bare frame placed under the large window, giving the room the right cosy atmosphere. Finally, the bedroom was fitted out with a sleeping area kit consisting of a double bed frame with a high headboard, two bedside tables and a chest of drawers.

The choice of colours was decisive; Sara chose the basic colour white playing with a few contrasting shades using our furniture that fills the space but almost disappears discreetly making the rooms bright, cosy and airy, a very inviting feeling of well-being. The choice of a very refined sea-blue shade creates a relaxing and refined contrast.

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