Daniela Margiotta and the value of home staging with cardboard furniture

DM Home Staging Studio and the potential of space with a staging

Home staging by: Daniela Margiotta

DM Home Staging studio

Via Alessandro Pertini, 5 40033 Casalecchio di Reno (BO)

How to show the potential of a space in a property for sale? Daniela Margiotta gives us a taste of it with her set-up using cardboard furniture from Natur Design.

Each display tells of a transformation, a style, a success. Imagining spaces, preparing them, setting them up is painstaking work with the sole aim of creating atmosphere and emotion for potential buyers. A success is successful when environments look natural and spaces show their full potential. Choosing colours and materials, layout and style are the pillars on which to build a convincing home staging demonstration.

Daniela Margiotta is a master in this. His designs always hit the mark because he manages to create designs that define areas of everyday life and make them desirable. Of all the rooms in the home, the kitchen is certainly the one on which most attention is focused, because it is the most lived-in area in the family whose space must meet various requirements and must be able to combine functionality and comfort.

And how better to furnish the living area than with comfortable, practical and functional cardboard solutions? Natur Design’s home staging kitchens combine style and utility and we offer several models, each designed to meet a style or need.

Daniela chose our modular cardboard kitchen Gioia in her various fittings, as can be seen in the photos. Classic, linear, elegant, it fits into any environment and enhances the space without encroaching on it. A convenient modular solution for those who need to realise different set-ups with different spaces, thus achieving optimal results without problems of furniture divisions. Lightweight and easy to assemble thanks to its joints, it allows tasteful furnishing with considerable savings in assembly and transport costs.

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