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Home Staging by Home Identity

Romantic and natural atmospheres with ecological solutions from Natur Design

Home Staging Home Identity


Home Staging by Home Identity is an example of how any space can be brought to life and highlight its strengths for a successful sale. Just choose the right solutions.

Preparing a property for sale with home staging is a long process and requires detailed preparations. First of all, the structure must be refurbished by highlighting the characteristic architectural elements that differentiate it from others on the market. How? choosing the right colours, providing lighting points where they are lacking and enhancing existing ones. And finally we move on to fitting out, that is, dressing the property with the furnishings that best suit the style.

One example is the set-up that Home Identity has created in this flat in Cremona. A very classically styled building to which everything else has conformed, from the wall colours in light shades that bring out the natural light to the furnishings chosen. The kitchen area was furnished with Natur Design’s Gioia model modules with which two corner walls were equipped. On one side are the cooker modules and a worktop; on the other are the sink and other service surfaces. Beautiful, natural and environmentally friendly, they fit perfectly into the environment, giving that familiar touch of elegance. The adjoining living area, on the other hand, has been fitted out with a natural cardboard sofa, large and with a scenic presence, which placed in the centre of the wall gives a very good idea of its bulkiness.

Simple, functional, environmentally friendly solutions that facilitate the work of home stagers and enhance environments while speeding up sales.


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