FB Architecture and eco-furniture for real estate home staging

Fabiola Fusco and Giorgia Baio, real estate home staging to enhance spaces

Sustainable design gives value to real estate and sales

FB Architettura Home Staging

Cisterna di Latina

Real estate home staging strategies have become fundamental resources for a successful sale. FB Architettura of Fabiola Fusco and Giorgia Baio are always looking for new ideas on how to care for environments to convey the emotions needed to make potential clients fall in love with them.

This marketing technique can be applied to different types of inhabited or uninhabited, unfurnished or partially furnished properties and has many advantages: it improves the image of the property, increases the number of visits and speeds up the sales process.

To ensure the achievement of these goals, and taking into account many other requirements of the staging trade, Natur Design has developed a series of home staging solutions that bring together the invaluable value of sustainability, design and functionality.

In this set-up Fabiola and Giorgia have fitted out a flat for sale with a classic style but a very modern architectural concept with a large open-plan living area combining kitchen and living room. To fit out the kitchen, they chose our Lia model with its modern style and discreet lines that give an idea of the bulkiness of a standard kitchen with a hob, sink, countertops and refrigerator column. The details of the inserts in the natural cardboard structure are decorative details that match the warm colour nuance of the room. The adjoining living room was instead furnished with an uncovered cardboard sofa and adorned with matching cloths and cushions.

Our furnishing proposals for real estate home staging have a realistic effect and have the advantage of adapting to any environment by being designed in modular modules. Lightweight, easy to assemble and transport, they are the ideal solution for a functional and decorative demonstration set-up.

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