How to create a cardboard break area in an open-plan space?

Customised eco-friendly break area for Prontocoffee

A customised vending project for a major company in Ferrara

Vending in Ferrara

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Vending machine company

Prontocoffee is a major player in the vending industry and contacted us to create a very special cardboard break area. The request came from FOR, a world leader in the production of hydraulic fittings, and the need was to create a corner within the company premises that would allow employees and guests to take a coffee break in a cool and pleasant environment. The designers of Natur Design have therefore created a large wall with accommodation structures to house various vending machines: thanks to the Payer vending liners we were able to give an orderly and customised look to the composition, incorporating 5 dispensers (water, snacks and coffee) and also integrating a separator to encourage waste recycling. We then created a wall designed to display company communications and two low walls to delimit the break area. The result is a newly created environment, entirely furnished with cardboard, tidy, functional and customised with a graphic coherence that emphasises the company’s branding and focus on sustainability.


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