Daniela Margiotta and her experience with ecological homestay furniture

Homestaging by Daniela Margiotta of Home Staging Studio

Cardboard furniture gives each room its function

Homestage in Bologna

Daniela Margiotta is a phenomenal professional with whom we have been collaborating for years and is the founder of DM Home Staging Studio. She deals mainly with Home Staging, but also with Interior Design, Interior Photography and Property Marketing and is also an active member and departmental coordinator of the National Home Staging Lovers Association. In its arrangements, every detail is designed to maximise potential buyers and customers and to sell or rent the home quickly at the right market price. In the photos above we see a very effective example of real estate enhancement in which cardboard furniture has given a big hand. In the sleeping area you can see the classic touch of the chest of drawers, while in the bathroom you have a clear idea of the functional spaces thanks to the cardboard printed washing machine. Also in the living area you can see bookcase modules and a dining table with modern cardboard chairs that predispose the visitor to understand the potential of this environment. Home Staging is an effective property marketing strategy for a safe and successful sale.


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