Can you enhance an attic with cardboard homestaging furniture?

Home-staging of an attic by Boîte Maison

Find out how valuable properties can be enhanced with cardboard furniture

Homestaging in Varese

Selling a house at first glance. It is not easy, but ultimately it is the goal of anyone involved in home staging. To succeed in this enterprise it is necessary to know how to study case by case and prepare the premises to ensure that they excite and immediately hit potential customers. What many people are unaware of is that even very valuable properties benefit from this enhancement work. Many in fact believe that beautiful houses sell themselves, and while this may be true, it is equally true that a house that is ‘prepared’ properly with the right homestaging sells on average sooner and at a lower discount than the starting price. The figures prove it and so does this spectacular staging by the Boîte Maison agency, which specialises in home staging and home makeovers. Behind the French-speaking name are two talented Italian homestagers, Susanna Giacomini and Laura Giannini, serious and competent professionals capable of enhancing the value of a house for sale in the best possible way.

Various cardboard homestay furniture has been used to make this spacious open-plan space cosy: there is the two-seater sofa, the pouf module used as a support table and two seats made from a single sofa module. All the cardboard furniture elements are presented in a minimalist style, in white cardboard and made more lively by the addition of blankets and cushions to add a touch of colour to the scene. Congratulations to Susanna and Laura on a job well done!

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